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Arie Barendrecht - proprietor of Cobalt Coast Dive Resort"Hello, my name is Arie - I am at Cobalt Coast Resort waiting for your call!"


About Your Host


Chances are you'll first meet your host and proprietor when you step off the bus at the arched entrance to Cobalt Coast. Arie Barendrecht is the tall, trim man who welcomes you with a smile and a hearty handshake and immediately reaches for your dive bags. After settling you in at the bar counter and checking you in, he carries your bags to your room.


In the morning, when you're just thinking about rolling out of bed and debating whether to catch a few more minutes of sleep or wrestle yourself downstairs for breakfast, Arie has already been there for the last hour, while the chefs have been preparing eggs, frying bacon and cutting fresh fruit. Arie will have fresh brewed coffee ready for the early risers, has set the tables and made sure everything in the buffet line is just so and not a detail is missing from the fresh pineapple to the Nutella to the Jamaican hot sauce. At lunch and dinner, he is invariably hustling about, waiting tables when the restaurant is busy and stopping for a few moments to sit with the guests, always with an interesting story to tell. And, into the evening, Arie is always around to change a light bulb or swap stories at the bar. This is not what you would normally expect from the owner and proprietor of one of the top rated dive resorts at one of the top dive destinations in the Caribbean – especially not from someone who is supposedly in retirement. But, this is the hospitality that brings guests back to Cobalt Coast, year after year.


Ask him why he devotes so much time and energy and Arie is quick to reply, "I wouldn't have it any other way." What brought Arie to build Cobalt Coast? It was the same thing that brings you and hundreds of thousands of others to Grand Cayman – the diving and the spectacular views and sunsets.


After spending 30 years in the hospitality and travel industries – a career that began as a youngster on a Holland America cruise liner and culminated as the general manager of a major hotel in Las Vegas – Arie began searching the Caribbean for a place to retire. Arie designed the hotel in the style of a colonial Caribbean plantation home, taking advantage of the natural cooling breezes and verandas that offer scenic views. He kept the hotel small enough to maintain the personal service and the intimacy that is more like a European inn than the large, homogenous hotels elsewhere on the island. In that way, Cobalt Coast is very much a return to Arie's roots.


Growing up in a small, rural community in The Netherlands, Arie learned the fine art of hospitality from the innkeepers and proprietors of the local "gasthauses". The gasthaus is hotel, restaurant, tavern and informal town hall for locals and visitors alike. It's a place where strangers are welcomed like old friends without pretense or pomp. It is very much like Cobalt Coast Resort. That is what makes Cobalt Coast so unique among the many dive resorts and hotels throughout the island and the entire Caribbean. It's not the architecture; you can find monumental, impressive buildings elsewhere. Nor was it tthe diving or the beaches; nearly every resort claims to have the best beaches and the best diving. But, no other resort on Grand Cayman comes close to matching the hospitality, the informal intimacy and the comfort that Arie has brought to Cobalt Coast.


As Arie says, "Taking care of customers is in my blood, and our staff reflects that. We pride ourselves in providing personal service and making your vacation an unforgettable experience." That's what makes coming to Cobalt Coast feel like coming home. And, why, when you meet Arie as you step off the bus, you will feel like you are meeting an old friend even if for the first time.


Here are some noteworthy points you might like to know: The Cayman Island dollar is worth $1.25US which makes our destination a bit more pricey than most Caribbean islands. In exchange for that you will experience a comfortable and natural experience which is difficult to describe, but you'll know it when you're here.


To hold your reservation, all we ask is a $500 deposit with the remainder due upon arrival.


Did you know that mosquitoes are hardly around, thanks to an intensive 40 year long eradication program - that's Government action at its best.


Take time to review our lunch and dinner menus. Menu items may change or may be served as buffet depending on occupancy levels at the hotel.  Also available is the meal plan, real good value considering the CI dollar. Restaurants have put Cayman on the map with excellent food but they are pricey, therefore the meal plan is a good option when trying to keep your holiday budget in control.


Now with the all inclusive option your stay becomes even more comfortable.  The all inclusive option includes up to 5 premium drinks per person per day.  With an extensive list of liquors and drinks available you should find everything to your liking.  There are some surcharges for the super premium items - single malt scotch or multiple liquor drinks.  We try to take care of you as we do not focus on the surcharges, but want you to have a good experience.


Anywhere you travel around the island, we can point you towards arts and crafts products made by local artisans, made like in the old days.


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