Free Diving (Apnea)

Divetech's goals are to promote the sport of free diving by bringing new awareness to it through the continuing education programs that we have created. Many of the pelagic marine interaction environments such as diving with whales, dolphins, manatees and the like are best done free diving in addition to photography and video opportunities.

Free Diving (Apnea) Courses

Divetech offers courses through IANTD in recreational, professional and competition free diving, from 1 to 3 days.

Recreational free diving courses include:

Snorkle/Skin Diver (Surface)
Open Water Free Diver (33f/10m)
Advanced Free Diver (66f/20m)
Master Free Diver (99f/30m)


Photo, Spear Fishing, Video, Scooters

Professional free diving courses are available for Instructors to learn to teach the courses. Extended range or competition courses are available for serious athletes in Constant Ballast (131F/40m), Variable Ballast (164f/50m) and no limits or sled diving (197f/ 60m) and Static/Dynamic Apnea training.


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