Technical Diving

Technical groups and charters are always welcome.  We have flexible packages that can be booked for any number of days to match your travel plans -- or a popular diving itinerary, start out with a recreational dive as a check out dive, add on a couple of technical dives and finish off by off-gassing with another favorite -- Stingray City! Since we opened, we have been exploring some of the most spectacular dive sites around the island. Ten Ata, Divetech's custom built 34' v-hull dive boat is set up to accommodate technical charters to Cayman's sponge belt (260 fsw) and deep walls and wrecks, including decompression station and castaway deco station.  Supporting all closed circuit rebreathers, twin tanks and deco racks, 120 cubic feet of O2 and your customer blends -- be sure to file a dive plan and we'll take care of your gas needs.  To optimize the group's experience, please keep it to 8 divers max.

Instructors and dive shops are welcome to bring students to Divetech to complete their training dives. With shore diving as an easy option at Lighthouse Point, hours are easy and flexible; no boat charter fees, just pay for the gases and any rentals required. Our shop is open to you. We have PC's on site with all of the latest decompression software to run profiles including Abyss, Voyager and ProPlanner.

Equipment rentals are available: Inspiration, Evolution, KISS CCR, Dive Rite and ScubaPro wings, harnesses and backplates, ScubaPro regulators, bottom timers, computers, lift bags, reels, lights and tanks including twin 80 or 100 cubic feet with isolation manifolds, and 30, 40, 63 and 80 cubic feet deco cylinders for sidemounts.

Divetech, the island's only technical dive shop, can offer some superb technical diving in Grand Cayman. We run daily technical dives at various levels to allow divers to explore the walls of Cayman. A mix of some daily boat technical dives at various levels to allow divers to explore the walls of Cayman. A mix of some boat and some shore diving can make a very economical package with lots of great diving.

Packages are flexible; you can book for any number of days. Day one we normally do a check in dive, one level below your highest certification level, just to get everyone in the water, equipment checks, and increase our comfort levels to go exploring. At Divetech we like long bottom times, running all profiles on gas management planning with thirds.

Typical Profiles are:

Advanced Nitrox


Technical Nitroxc Inter. Trimix Trimix
30 — 40 msw
30 — 50 min BT
40 — 50 msw
20 — 40 min BT
45 — 60 msw
20 — 40 min BT
60 — 90 msw
10 — 20 min BT

Dive Sites on the island for Technical divers are numerous and many dives are exploratory to see new walls and sites. The Carrie Lee Wreck is always a favorite, Nancy's Chute, Dan's Donut, Funky Town, the Chimney, Dora's Thumb and many other wall sites with chutes, swim through pipes and overhangs abounding, the deep sponge belt being a favorite of all.


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