Cobalt Coast Resort and Suites Review

by Fodor's on-line:

This small ecofriendly hotel is perfect for divers who want a sparkling, spacious room or suite right on the ironshore far, far from the madding crowds and who don't want to pay high prices. Units have picture windows overlooking the Caribbean, imported Dutch fixtures, IKEA-style cabinetry, and Constructivist-inspired Marimekko fabrics from Finland. The cutting-edge dive operation, DiveTech, runs smoothly, catering to a wide array of needs, and Duppies restaurant is surprisingly good. As the gracious, gregarious Dutch-born owner, Arie Barendrecht, says, "The whole idea is to complement the dive experience." The area also lures anglers so "we'll cook what you bring in." Add great shore diving (especially in the calmer summer season) with a four- or five-minute swim to a 60-foot drop, and this is a no-brainer.


Bob, Ashley & Nic Gordon - 2011 Spring BreakThe Gordon family having lunch at Cobalt Coast Dive Resort

We just want to thank you again for the wonderful "oper-the-top" treatment we received during our recent stay & dive trip with you.  You made - what could have been a disappointing start to our vacation - a truly wonderful family experience.  We started the trip by missing our connection out of Miami due to mechanic issues with the connector plane. We arrived in Grand Cayman about eight hours late. To make matters worse, the airline lost our luggage!  However, from the time we boarded the shuttle bus I knew the trip was still going to be special. We explained our situation to the driver. It  was 10:00 PM and a full hour past his pickup time. Knowing that we were scheduled to dive at 7:45 AM the next morning and we had no swim suits or clothing other than what we had on, he took us to the only shop that appeared to be open. They had actually just closed but the driver convinced the sales clerk to open for us. My daughter was able to find a swim suit, but the shop carried nothing remotely close to swimwear for myself and my son. Nevertheless, we continued on to the Cobalt Coast Resort, where we were personally met by the owner, Arie Barendrecht. He showed us to our room and invited us to the bar for a complimentary drink. Furthermore, he brought my son & I two of his personal swimsuits and a couple of t-shirts to wear until our luggage arrived (which it did the next day). We slept well and got to enjoy two wonderful dives as scheduled the next morning without missing a beat. The rest of the trip just got better!! Friendly staff, great food and wonderful dive operators makes Cobalt Coast a wonderful resort!! I hope I am so lucky as to receive the special treatment you gave to my family again in the future. We surely will be back to dive with you again and we will let anyone considering a trip to the Cayman Islands know how special your people and place really are.


Bob, Nic & Ashley Gordon

Springfield,Illinois USA


May 20th, 2005

"Don't worry guys - this is way nicer than what you usually get."  And our friend was right -- fantastic food, very fast service and a beautiful resort that is well kept and spacious rooms that are cleaned up every day!


 Jeannette and Rene

We were so fortunate to have stumbled on the Cobalt Coast on our spontaneous trip to the Caymans.  You were a fabulous host......welcoming and always in good humor and spirits.  Cobalt Coast is a reflection of your warmth and charm.  Jeannette and I drove the entire Island twice in our 8 day stay, and we didn't find any other place we would rather have stayed.  As an airline pilot I stay in thousands of hotels every year.  Cobalt Coast is the only place that I have truly felt "at home"  away from home.

Thanks Mon


Daniel & Lyne

Well we are now back from our honeymoon.. And back in the "real world". But I just thought I'd email you all and say a big THANK YOU on behalf of Daniel and myself.  Our wedding day was FANTASTIC thanks to all of you !



Here's a followup on our trip to Cobalt Coast and Divetech. Let me just say it was just about perfect!! Thank you so much for referring us there and handling our reservations for us. We had an incredible time. As you requested, I said hello to Arie, he said that he missed you and you had to come visit soon. He and his staff took wonderful care of us, and the food was fantastic. The crew at Divetech were a lot of fun, very professional, and we did some incredible dives. We will be staying at Cobalt Coast and diving with Divetech anytime we go back to Grand Cayman. They both were simply great and we can't wait to go back.


The Copenhavers
Susan, Pete, Tom & Robert

Thank you so much for making our Christmas vacation wonderful. Cobalt Coast is delightful. All of your staff made us feel so special. Our cottage was perfect as were the meals and drinks from the bar.

Divetech, great job! Your staff is wonderful, the diving was awesome.


Frommer's 2003 Cayman Islands First Edition

The fans of this resort liken it to a bed-and-breakfast where most of the clients are deeply involved with diving. Most visitors stay for sojourns of at least five nights. Based on the number of awards it has won, and on the loyalty of its oft-returning clientele, it's the best resort for divers on Grand Cayman . Firmly entrenched in the unpretentious residential community of West Bay. . . this virtually self-contained community has enormous charm and immediate access to all sorts of thrilling diving options.


Essi & Everett T.
(stayed 6 7 times, including Digital Jam 2005 -- returning in June)
Everett won 2nd place (macro point and shoot)
Everett won 3rd place (creative)
Essie won honorable mention (macro point and shoot)

Hi Everybody, Well we made it home safe and sound and the dogs were very glad to see us. Just wanted to thank you all for once again making our stay at Cobalt Coast a very memorable one ( in a good sense, Arie!).  Please thank all the staff for us for helping to make a great holiday.  Nancy (Divetech), once again your guys are terrific. They make diving fun and enjoyable. I know we tend to do our own thing but still your staff is very enthusiastic and always interested in what we found or saw. They all help to make us feel at home there and add to the pleasure of the whole holiday.

Arie, what more can we say, you still have a first class operation and its going strong at Cobalt Coast. Hope to see you all in August. until then stay healthy and safe but have fun.


Hill W.
(stayed 2 times)

Just wanted to say thanks for the great stay we had this month.  Cobalt Coast's accommodations are first-rate, the staff is terrific, and the wall diving right from shore was an extra treat -- all this plus a quiet location away from the madness of George Town!  Also, DiveTech has great boats and equipment, a fantastic and funny staff, and a lock on all the best dive sites. I couldn't be happier with my stay and I will definitely be back.


Trisha & Keith G.
(stayed 4 times)

Dear Arie,
What a great time we had  visiting with you! You, your staff and everyone we met on the island were exceptionally helpful, friendly and pleasant. My most memorable experience was swimming with and feeding the stingrays. That was absolutely unforgettable! Thank you for all your attention and assistance. I never expected to experience a vacation that would exceed our trip to Mt. McKinley.  This one did. Thank you again for such a wonderful vacation, Arie. We're spreading the word here about your superb facilities. I'm even talking to Shane about scheduling an office meeting (for about 4 days!) there so he can demonstrate to his employees how customers should be treated. Doesn't hurt to try!


Jan, Jana, Janko & Oliver S.
(stayed 3 times)

Dear Arie and Dora,
thank you very much for the beautiful stay. It was a wonderfull break in our long and cold winter. Best regards to your staff, especially to Hubert. Looking forward to seeing you soon again.



Could you be any more kind? Your message on my machine was so incredibly thoughtful, but then when you called today I was completely bowled over! You can bet we will be back soon and often. It is not everyday that we have the pleasure of such wonderful company. I also wanted to let you know how much we appreciated Dennis going out of his way to treat us as special guests. Everyone at Cobalt Coast treated us with great kindness and humor. No good deed goes unrewarded. I predict much happiness for you in your endeavors. Please stay in touch.


Bruce & Debra Gilfix
(stayed 2 times)

Hi Dora,
You were a wonderful host and dive partner. Deb and I are already discussing when we will come back. You have two guests at the hotel that wanted to know if the photography course we took yesterday with Chris at Divetech was worth while. Please tell them it most definitely was. We were able to talk to Kim and Ken about the course so they could talk to them about it too. Please tell Nancy that I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to thank her for everything but, Brandee is someone she should be very proud of and she helped make our trip so much fun that not only are we going to come back but that we will always use Divetech for all our diving experience. Also please let Nancy know that Ken and Paul were terrific instructors. They were both extremely professional and Paul esspecially was extremely helpful in in explaining the why's and why not's of things. Brandee is also a very good teacher. She made our course very enjoyable and our entire experience so special. We can't thank her enough. As for our course with Chris...I think Deb wants to go into competition with him. We both are going to continue our photography learning and will make plans with Chris and Divetech. We look forward to seeing you again soon and planning some dives together. This time our tanks will stay put!  All the best and again thanks for everything.

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