Underwater Photo Week


"Divetech presents FocusUnderwater "

August 29-September 5, 2015

Underwater photography/videography and lots of diving!

Cobalt Coast Photo Tek Week 2012

Are you an avid underwater photographer? Want extra long bottom time to get the right shot? This is the week for you! FocusUnderwater combines recreational and technical diving with underwater photography or videography. You'll enjoy Cayman's deep walls, colorful reefs and spectacular wrecks and have lots of photo ops to hone your skills. FocusUnderwater is designed to meet the demands of both open circuit and closed circuit divers and digital underwater photographers and videographers of all levels (avid amateur, budding professional, top side professional). Learn photo tips from the real underwater photo pros, try out the newest in equipment available (both diving and/or photographer), get your hands on and experiment with the newest equipment for underwater photography or videography.

Divetech offers full support for recreational, normoxic, trimix diving:

  • Closed circuit rebreathers (CCR): Inspiration, Evolution, Sentinel, KISS, Meg, rEvo, Titan, Poseidon, Explorer Sport
  • Semi-closed circuit rebreather (SCR): GEM
  • Open circuit (Nitrox, air, trimix): single, double, side mount tanks

Packages are available for divers wishing to become certified at the recreational, normoxic or advanced trimix level - open circuit or closed circuit, and for those who are already certified divers at those levels and wishing to dive their profiles.

Explore the deep walls and shallow reefs of Grand Cayman's unique and inviting underwater world. This is an adventure where you'll go to places no one has gone before, daily live video and photographs will be taken at the event (each participant will take home a DVD for the memories) and more. Daily seminars will be offered by photo pros. Mini trade show highlighting this year's newest equipment: rebreathers, dive computers, digital equipment and supporting equipment.

Instructors will be on-site from several manufacturers, training agencies and Divetech of course, to teach courses, as well as qualified OC/CCR dive supervisors for those already certified in CCR diving.

FocusUnderwater package includes:

  • Daily boat trip - up to 3 hour run times on CCR and 2x 1-hour dives on open circuit
    • Wide angle ops:
      • Stingray City trip
      • ex-USS Kittiwake dive
      • Carrie Lee (Normoxic & Trimix divers)
    • Macro/Supermacro ops:
      • Shallow shore diving at Lighthouse Point (unlimited)
      • Shallow shore diving at Cobalt Coast (unlimited)
    • Flouresence night dive (unguided in buddy pairs)
  • 7-nights luxury accommodations at Cobalt Coast Dive Resort
  • Unlimited awesome shore diving right off the dock
  • Unlimited awesome shore diving from Lighthouse Point (Divetech's second shore diving location)
  • Meal plan: 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners included
    • Evening Beach BBQ
    • Kick-off & farewell party on the ocean's edge
  • Seven Fathoms tasting
  • Round-trip airport transfers
  • All Scrubber included (Sofnolime 408 & 812 available, cartridges as well)
  • All gas fills - O2 , He, Air and Mix fills (5000 psi booster)
  • 6 days unlimited Nitrox (32% in 63cuft or 80cuft tanks)
  • Training course, books and fees (training on Inspiration, Evolution, Sport KISS, Classic KISS, O2Ptima, GEM and Poseidon and Normoxic or Trimix courses on open circuit.)
  • CCR Rentals are available - inquire for details.
  • Training courses for open circuit include recreational, normoxic or trimix (course materials included)
  • 40cuft or 63cuft bailout bottles with carrying straps are provided (1 or 2 per person as needed; DIN valves)
  • Photo clinics
  • Video clinics
  • Welcome bag
  • Photo competition including great prizes!
  • Digital Video DVD of Focus Underwater (by Jay Easterbrook @ Divetech)

New equipment will be introduced including new underwater camera housing and/or dive computers, components, decompression software, toys and more! Plus you'll be entered for a drawing for great gifts.

Dive profile options for Recreational scuba divers and recreational CCR divers to 40m/130f, Normoxic to 60m/200f and Advanced Trimix dives to 100m/330ft. All Normoxic and Trimix diver packages include a trip to the Deep Wreck, the "Carrie Lee".

To quote Sylvia Earl..."we know more about the moon than we do the deepest oceans of our own planet".


CCR Rentals are available for those not yet owning one for $500.US per week (Inspiration/Evolution/KISS rebreather). 100% credit is offered back on rental fees if you order a CCR prior to or up to 30 days after FocusUnderwater.

Package rates are based on double occupancy, including meals, lodging, tax and service charge, transfers, gases, scrubber, DVD & parties. Package rates are quoted in US$. Package rates follow. Package rates are subject to change and are based on availability.


CCR Diver OC Diver/Rec OC Diver/Tek Non-diver Single add on Student add on Triple add on
2,499 1,999 2,875 1,899 500 900 140


$1,000 deposit requited to confirm reservation. Deposit is refundable until July 15, 2015.

Or call your local dive shop to set up your trip and purchase your Closed Circuit Rebreather.

2014 sponsors included:

Reef Photo & Video - they''ll bring the newest and best toys for testing!

Nauticam - they'll bring underwater housings, cameras and Chris Parsons will conduct workshops

Light & Motion - they brought the SOLA Blue light. The coolest night dive ever!

Island Exposure - Meet and dive with Tanya G Burnett. She'll conduct workshops

2013 sponsors included:

Advanced Diver Magazine - you can download their on-line issues

Rebreather World - join the community for free and keep up with all of the latest diving news

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