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"Providing surface support for the diving you love!"

Scuba diving packages start with 3 or more days of 2-tank boat dives. They also include:

  • Complimentary tank and weights on your arrival date.
  • Unlimited shore diving around the clock at both of Divetech's shore diving locations Cobalt Coast Dive Resort and Lighthouse Point - with any dive package of 3 or more days of 2-tank boat dives.
  • Unlimited shore diving is also available at Divetech's 2 shore diving locations at a la carte rates.
  • Free dive computer rental - all dives are computer dives.
  • Divetech offers 80 cubic foot tanks. Divetech also has 100 cubic foot or 63 cubic foot tanks available upon request (also available with Nitrox).
  • Nitrox is available (32% in 80 cuft or 63 cuft tanks; available in 100 cuft tanks as well)
  • 2 one-hour boat dives! All computer diving on boat packages! Dive your limits, get longer bottom time, dive safer profile. Dive computer rental provided complimentary on all boat dive packages.
  • Dive staff tips are not included in these packages

Dive profiles

1st dive: Maximum 1 hour with no decompression. Depth limit 130 feet, and will include a 5 minute safety stop at 15 feet.

45 minute surface interval

2nd dive: Maximum 1 hour with no decompression and will also include a 5 minute safety stop at 15 feet.

Divetech staff - all dive instructors

Dive staff tips are not included in dive packages

Dive profiles

1st dive: Depth limit 130 feet with your dive buddy. Maximum 1 hour with no decompression and will include a 5 minute safety stop at 15 feet.

45 minute surface interval

2nd dive: Depth is usually 50-60 feet on a shallow reef. Maximum 1 hour with no decompression and will also include a 5 minute safety stop at 15 feet.

Underwater Scooter Dives are a real blast! Divetech's 2 custom dive boats Coming back from a shore dive - the ladder is just to the left

The morning starts with a great breakfast made to order here at the Resort. At 7:45 a.m. you take a short shuttle ride to the boat. The first dive is a guided wall dive to about 130 feet. Although this might sound deep, the warm water and great visibility we enjoy here in Grand Cayman makes this type of diving enjoyable and stress-free. The second dive is on a shallow reef and you can go off with your dive buddy and explore the site or you may chose to stay with the guide. Divetech also offers afternoon dives to world-famous Stingray City, considered the best 12 foot dive in the world! Divetech also has other water sports activities including underwater scooters, sailboats, ocean kayaks, deserted beach picnic or just snorkeling right out your front door! We can add any number of dive days to your reservation or we can help you build a custom vacation by including any of the above to your package.

WBX! - The West Bay Express!

Be sure to ask about Divetech's unique dive, the West Bay Express. It's a 1-way underwater scooter multi-level dive that starts out here in front of the Resort and 70 minutes and many turtles and sharks later you're at Lighthouse Point - or earlier, depending on air management!

DVD, photography and video,

Have your own custom-made DVD or videos of your dives made! Want to improve your own work, set up a class and learn how to shoot like the pros!

Digital Cameras available for rent!

Rent a digital camera for a dive -- then bring it back in and Divetech will help you download your photos to a CD so you can take your memories with you!

Rebreather Experience

Ready to dive without bubbles? Want really long bottom time with maximum safety? Or, want to get closer to the fish and enjoy the underwater beauty without scaring everything away? Then you should try closed circuit rebreather - or the new GEM. Closed circuit (Inspiration) is $220US per person.

Diving Services

Training Courses

— beginners to advanced

Nitrox course

— 1/2 day (afternoon) and you're diving Nitrox the next day!

Shore Diving 24 hours/7 days a week! (North Wall at Cobalt Coast Ridge and at Lighthouse Point)
Boat trips daily
Semi-closed rebreather (support and instruction) - want to try it out? Then try the Rebreather Experience first!
Closed-circuit rebreather (experience, support and instruction)
Night Dives every Monday and Thursday - cost includes tank, weights, lights, guide using the black/UV light to show coral's bioluminesence and transfer when staying at Cobalt Coast
Stingray City Trips
Recreational & Technical diving packages available


— all scuba equipment

Rental"toys" — SCR & CCR Rebreathers, Underwater Scooters, DPV's, digital cameras & more

Retail Shop & Souvenirs
Repairs & Service

e-learning courses available as well

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